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At ProStar we understand that an immigration agency needs to be flexible to meet our customers’ unique demands. So whether you are applying for a Visitor Visa, or trying to deal with a prior refused application, ProStar has the expertise to get you on your way.


Express Entry

Canada has ageing population and to sustain its growth and its community’s immigration targets for 2022 is over 411,000 immigrants. Express Entry is a wonderful opportunity for all occupations like book keepers, engineers, managers in all categories, teachers, lecturers, farm managers, and many more to successfully immigrate in the shortest time. Express entry is based on assessment factors like age, education, work experience, IELTS sibling in Canada. We assist applicants in their eligibility assessment CRS calculation, NOC selections, ECA (WES, IQAS, ICES) application submissions, and updating the same. We help you understand tie break policy of IRCC in Express Entry applications.



Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Canadian provinces nominate and process their own applications. Provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario have their own PNP programs. These programs are either linked with Express Entry or are PNP sub streams. Most of these programs are based on occupation in demand and select applications based on particular NOC. Relatives in particular province can make many applicants eligible for respective PNP.


Study Abroad

Canada is one of the most sought-after destination for international students from India. Our specialized teams assist in relevant course selection, applying offers, applications submissions and updates until study permit is issued. Students have many options in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Brampton, Montreal, Halifax, Sydney and other cities to study undergraduate and graduate programs. Student Direct Stream (SDS) is very popular and fast process for student with 6 bands in each IELTS module.


Open Work Permit

If your spouse is on study permit or on post graduate work permit and you want to apply for Open Work Permit, we welcome you to review your open work permit application. Many open work permit applicants submit chat and wedding pictures but cannot prove establishment of relationship, ties with home country, financial means, employment prospects of applicant, host funds, and the application is denied. We assist applicants to understand IRPA rules, regulations and laws and assess applications under R205, (c )(ii), C42, R 200(i)(b) and assure best submission.

Spousal SponsorshipMarriage Applications

Are you married to a Canadian PR / Citizen ? We can assist you to submit perfect application and hassle-free successful immigration and speedy processing. We promise our clients of meeting all the immigration and assessment requirements and timely submission. We have assisted hundreds of newly wed in successful visa decisions based on our quality filing parameters.

Visitor/Super Visa

Are you interested to visit Canada to meet your relatives, friends or for tourism purpose ? Do you know you have to highlight and prove: purpose of visit, ties with home country, economic condition, funds for travel, past travel history, financial status and other things under s179 (b) of IRPA ? We do complete assessment of your visa application.

Do you meet LICO and have sufficient income in Notice of Assessment? Do you want to bring your parents and grandparents for long term stay of up to two years? Are they in good health and can undergo medicals? Are you willing to buy super visa insurance? We assure our clients of best submissions to apply super visa.

Nanny VisaHome Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot

Applicants with minimum Bachelor’s Degree, and two years of work experience working with children in play way/ kindergarten and 5 bands each in IELTS, can qualify to work as Home child care provider (NOC 4411) and if married spouse can qualify for open work permit.

Applicants with BSc Nursing/ post basic nursing, and two years of patient care experience, 5 bands each in IELTS, can qualify to work as Home support worker (NOC 4412), and if you are married spouse can accompany on open work permit.

We assist in ECA, application filing and application submissions. This can be a good opportunity for you to work in Canada and get permanent residence. These categories are popularly known as Nanny.

Parents and Grandparents Immigration

Are you Canadian Permanent Resident or citizen? Do you have Notice of Assessment for last three years and meet LICO? Canadian immigration receives expression of interest every year for specified time and opens portals to receive applications. We can assist you to complete your application at every step.


Refused Applications

Is your application denied and you wish to discuss with an expert? We offer specialised services for refused applications of students, spousal/ marriage, visitors, PR applications, open work permits and other categories. Contact us with all your application details and documents and book an appointment with our team.


Owner Operator LMIA

It’s a wonderful and fast track opportunity for applicants to travel to Canada and get work permit to establish business and acquire PR. Compared with business immigration it costs less and processing time is less. Compared to business immigration, not only it costs less but also the process time is short. We help our clients to select businesses or incorporate companies and form business plans and apply owner operator LMIA.


Interview Preparation

Immigration and visa officers can call applicants for interview in all categories which include spousal/ marriage application, open work permit, LMIA work permit, PNP application. Canadian visa officers assess your eligibility as sometimes they have doubts and concerns or there is missing information. Thus, officers give applicants an opportunity to respond during the interview to provide clarification. If you receive interview notification contact our office immediately and review your application with our teams.

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    Business Immigration

    Are you interested to set up your business in Canada, wait book an appointment with our office. We will make assessment based on your age, education, business experience, net worth, language ability and previous visit to Canada. All Canadian provinces have different business immigration programs based on point system. Exploratory visit is very important. Provinces like B.C, Manitoba, Ontario receive expression of interest and conduct draws for Business Immigration. We assist applicants in making business plans and net worth assessment. You are welcome to contact us if you want to set up new business or buy an existing business in Canada and immigrate.

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    Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

    We live in complex world and there could humanitarian and compassionate situations which could apply to many close relative including parents enabling to apply PR under H&C category. Such applications are complex and require extensive documents besides thorough understanding or H&C laws. If you want to submit application under H&C you are welcome to contact us.

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    Adoption Applications

    Do you want to adopt children and want to bring them to Canada? Are you aware of stringent parameters and complex adoption laws in India and Canada? Are you looking for honest, reliable, and sincere representative? Book an appointment for consultations today and we will review the adoption application with you.

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    Travel Document

    Are you traveling outside Canada and you have lost your PR card/ your PR card is expired ? You need Travel Document to return to Canada. We can help you to apply your travel document.